Nirvana in Fire by Hai Yan – Lang Ya Bang Illustrated Collector’s Edition 3 Books/Set


Set of 3 books

Nirvana in Fire/琅琊榜Láng Yá Bǎng

Author: 海晏(Hǎi Yàn)

This is the original novel of the Chinese drama “Nirvana in Fire”(琅琊榜Láng Yá Bǎng) starring Hu Ge and Liu Tao.

The exquisite three-dimensional character cards are included with the book, which has the value of a collection.

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A historical fiction novel story revolving around a high-ranking military officer named Lin Shu. This gifted young man achieved distinguished military status before he completed his teenage years. Throughout the course of his service, his troops were framed and obliterated by a scheming political rival.

With no alternative but to flee, Lin changed his name and identity. Plotting and planning for 12 years, he finally exacted revenge upon his enemies.






Nirvana in Fire by Hai Yan – Lang Ya Bang 5 Nirvana in Fire by Hai Yan – Lang Ya Bang 6

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