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庆余年Qìng Yú Nián: 1远来是客+2人在京都+3北海有雾+4龙椅在上

Author: 猫腻(Māo Nì)

This is the original novel of the Chinese drama “Joy of Life”(庆余年Qìng Yú Nián) starring Zhang Ruoyun and Li Qin.

With beautiful bookmarks and postcards.

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A family inclined to kindness and charity would grace the descendants.
Thanks to one small act of kindness,
by providence she comes across a grateful friend;
Fortunate that her mother,
has done an unperceived good deed….

Men should rescue the distressed and aid the poor…
Who would have guessed that kindness in this world ultimately would be the road that one must choose, that proverbial fork in the road?

Clouds of rain float on eastern winds as new vines start to blossom.
Though drums of war roar too loudly and their brilliance has been lost,
a green grass carpet greets the sun by the break of morning.
Let us wait for the yellow leaves, a few gourds are harvested.




Joy of Life Qing Yu Nian book 5 Joy of Life Qing Yu Nian book 6

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