80 Pcs Chinese Joss Paper Heaven Bank Notes for Ancestors – U.S. Dollar


Denominations are random, including 50, 100, 500, 1000, etc.

80 sheets per bundle of traditional Chinese joss paper money appropriate for funerals, ancestor birthdays, and holidays like the Qingming Festival and the Hungry Ghost Festival.

Printed to resemble the U.S. Dollar, each sheet is decorated with an image of George Washington.

Size: 15 x 7.5 cm.

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The heaven notes with different denominations will be slightly different in style and color. We ship randomly.


Pay attention to the safety of fire when burning Chinese joss paper money. It smells a little bit when burning, please burn at vents or outdoors.
Ancestor money is not a legal tender currency issued by any bank or government institution and holds no cash value.

​What is ancestor money?

Ancestor money has different names including ghost money, spirit money, joss paper, hell notes, heaven notes, etc. The concept was that the passed on family members can use this “money” in the afterlife to get things they need.

We burn the joss paper to send into the spirit realm for ancestors. It’s a tool that allows us to take care of our ancestors, in return, they take care of us. What you do for the ancestors, you do for yourself.

In today’s modern world, caring for ancestors in the afterlife is a poignant way to pay respect for one’s elders and departed family members.

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15 x 7.5 cm


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