6 Pcs Chinese Calligraphy Brush Set Writing Brush


Great from beginners to advanced learners.

6 different sizes of brushes.

Material with Xiangfei Bamboo and natural animal hair – wolf (weasel) hair and squirrel tail hair mixed (It will never hurt the animals, similar to we human get a hair-cut).

Very good brush set for Chinese calligraphy.

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How to use the Chinese calligraphy brush?

1. Before writing, put two-thirds of brush hair into clean water, then press it by fingers to remove the glue. Please don’t put it in boiling water or hot water.

2. When writing, make the brush hair carry enough ink.

3. After writing, clean the brush and ink slab immediately. Otherwise, the ink remained on the brush will impact its lifespan.

4. Don’t cover the brush at once. It should be air dry on the brush rack or other ventilated places.

5. Soak the brush hair in warm or cold water if it goes cemented or hard.

6. Protect Chinese brush with mothball in a packaging box if you are going to put it away for a long time. Keep it desiccative in the rainy seasons.

Four characteristics of a good brush

Four characteristics of a good brush

Pointed: When the brushes gather, the end should be sharp. The tip of the brush is easy to write with sharp edges, which is more vivid.

Circular: The hair of the Chinese brush is very abundant, as the shape of a date stone. You can use your Chinese brush pen freely when you write.

Neat: The brush head is full and thick, and the ink is even.

Strong: Durable, hair does not come off, elastic.

Note: Do not expose the writing brush to sunlight or water for a long time to avoid shedding.


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